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“Marco and staff are absolutely wonderful. They are very helpful and professional. Whenever it's time for me to do my taxes, I always go to Airline Crew Taxes. In fact they are right down the street from the employee lot. Very convenient. Stop making excuses and make a trip to see Marco. It's worth it.”

Vicki Flannel
Flight Attendant

“I had been having my taxes done by outsiders who had no clue to our industry.I spoke with other employees who were satisfied with Marco and his crew and the first time i had my taxes done I received more money back than all the previous years and they were very thorough. Yes, I highly recommend them. Marco is a very personable, likable person, and he knows our industry.”

Celine Battle

“I have been doing business with Airline Crew Taxes for over 10 years and have always been very impressed with the service I have received. Every year I am very thankful to have a company that is so well versed with our specific industry and the tax laws that apply. Thank you for a job well done!”


“Only I am going to say, all these years me and my family are doing taxes from Marco, I have couple of words for him and his staff that they are Excellent, Awesome and the Best. Thank you , Thank you, Thank you. Shiraz & Family.”

Shiraz Khan
Flight Attendant United Airlines

“My wife and I have being getting our taxes done at ACT for 10 years in a raw. We have full confidence in the work they do especially Craig. He is one of the best assets they have. I will continue to do my taxes here for as long as I have to file taxes. I recommend to anyone especially for airline industry employees.”


“I contacted Marco 15 years ago to start preparing my taxes. Here it is 2016 and I am still using Airline Crew Taxes. I have been extremely happy with the service they provide. Marco and his staff has always worked diligently to get the best possible outcome for me every year. Marco runs a company of the highest integrity and is committed to provide his clients with the service they come to expect. If you are in the market for a tax service, I definitely recommend giving Airline Crew Taxes a call.”

Kristen Barazi
Flight Attendant

"The entire crew at Airline Crew Taxes are Extremely helpful and knowledgable in helping me with my complex tax situation. Airline Crew Taxes simplifies the entire process from start to finish. The tax man comes once a year for me and is usually not very friendly, I'm glad I have Airline Crew Taxes between me and the IRS. I really appreciate the staff making me feel like i'm part of their family!!!!"

Mike Pryor

"I have been going to Airline Crew Taxes for many years, and they have always been very prompt and professional. Gabi is great! She is very professional, thorough and keeps in very good communication with her clients."

Matt Wagner

"I thought I could get away with doing turbo tax this year... wrong! Airline Crew Taxes saved me over a $1,500 compared to turbo-tax.... The team there does a great job and you feel at home."

Matt Applegate

"Been a loyal customer for over 8 years...wouldn't think of going anyplace else. Craig Colbert is the best!!"

Shea Brown

"Marco got our taxes down by over 2000.00! Can you say repeat customer."

Art Tidmore

"I have been using Airline Crew Taxes for my taxes forever. I love using them because they are specific to airline personnel. I have no doubt I will receive maxim allowed deductibles. Gabi is always competent and professional. Thank you for your fine service."

Loretta Lesher

"Just dropped off all of our paperwork at Airline Crew Taxes and sat down with Danielle yesterday. She was very knowledgable, professional, and very patient with explaining some things to me I didn't quite understand. The office was very busy, but they treated me like I was the only person there. They have made me a customer for life! Thanks for making this a painless process."

Tim Gander

"I went to have my taxes done today. It was a very pleasant visit, these people really know what they are doing. They are professionals and friendly as well. Thank you crew taxes!"

Merlyn Maurice

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